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Home fires happen all the time!

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  • 1/2 of all fire deaths happen when people are in their beds. Does your family sleep on the 2nd floor?
  • 347,000 annual home fires result in approximately 2,600 deaths.
  • Smoke inhalation kills twice as many people as fire burns.
  • You have 2 to 3 minutes to get your loved ones to safety.
  • How will you get your loved ones off the second/third floor?
  • Our ladders are efficient at getting your child or small pet to safety quickly.
We can help you protect them.

Your Family Is Counting On You

What if your children woke up to a room full of smoke & could barely see or breathe? The only way out is through the window, but they're not on the first floor of the house.

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A small price to pay for peace of mind

How important is the safety of your family?
Are you comfortable that you can get everyone out quickly?

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Modum Retractable Fire Escape Ladder

The Modum Retractable Fire Escape Ladder gives you peace of mind and protects your loved ones. There is NO faster way to escape a home fire!

Saving money on a throw out ladder is not an option. After all, the safety of your family is at stake.

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Why Safer Escape

The Safer Escape Ladder by Modum is manufactured in Denmark, and has been used in the US, Europe and Japan for over 30 years. This retractable ladder has been designed with safety in mind, and built using the finest quality materials and controls.

Our ladder has been rigorously tested and certified by various European agencies.

Safety tested and certified

Preserve your home's beauty. Invisible!

Permanent & instantly available

Escape in under 30 seconds

Child Friendly

Weatherproof & maintenance free

Tamper resistant with anti slip rungs

Variety of colors

Top quality European design & manufacture

15 year warranty

Rigorously tested and certified

On average, 7 people die each day in housefires, which translates to more than 2,500 every year. With numbers like this, spending a few extra dollars on the safety of your family is a no-brainer.

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Why buy a Modum Escape Ladder?


  • Protect your home for a fraction of the cost of a traditional fire escape
  • Permanently affixed aluminum ladder. No dangling from unstable throw ladders
  • Price includes all parts
  • Easy Installation

Security & Dependability

  • Can open ladder from multiple floors
  • Manufactured for over 3 decades by Modum in Denmark
  • 15 year warranty
  • Thousands of ladders installed worldwide

Service & Support

  • Measuring template to properly size your ladder to your home
  • An installation video & manual
  • We can custom design a solution for your home’s configuration


What's the difference between the Safer Escape Ladder by Modum vs. a traditional fire escape vs. a throw out ladder?

Safer Escape by Modum Traditional Fire Escape Throw Out Ladder
Appearance Practically invisible Unsightly N/A
Permanence Affixed to home Affixed to home Can be moved around-may not be available
Children/Seniors Easy to climb Easy to climb Extremely difficult to climb
Material Anodized aluminum – weatherproof Painted iron – can rust Nylon
Maintenance Open & close 2X a year Repaint & recertify every 5 years N/A-cannot open until needed
Stability Extremely Extremely Unstable

What Our Clients Say

I purchased a 16′ Modum Fire Escape Ladder from Safer Escape and installed it on my home in Yonkers, New York. After being rescued from a fire when I was 3 years old, having this ladder available outside my window is a huge peace of mind.
This ladder is really easy to install and operate and it is smaller than a downpipe. Barry Mezei and his son Aaron were gentlemen to deal with.
As a contractor I hope to be installing these ladders for my clients and friends into the future.

Gerry O’Reilly

White Plains, NY

I’m very safety conscious and when I heard about the Safer Escape ladder I was immediately interested. Barry and Aaron were very accommodating and made the whole process simple. I would definitely recommend both the product and the company for anyone who cares about the safety of their family.

Greg Miller

Clifton NJ

I am super happy with my purchase of 2 Safer Escape ladders. I am 100% satisfied with all aspects of my dealings with the company and the peace of mind in knowing that my family is protected in case the worst happens.

Yishai P.

Passaic, NJ

I bought the Safer Escape ladder because I have married children who sleep in my attic with very young kids, and I was concerned if there was a fire they wouldn’t have a way out. I previously owned the throw away ladders but how would a young child be able to use it in an emergency? The Safer Escape ladder is extremely easy to use, the installation was quick and the entire buying process was a breeze. I highly recommend this product!

Audrey Gordon

Passaic, NJ

I have two small children a 4 and 3 year old and was skeptical as to how they would get down the ladder in the event of an emergency. But, after just 3 times up and down they were climbing by themselves, ready just in case. It’s easy to use and the harness is an amazing invention to prevent someone from falling. I’d recommend Safer Escape ladders to all my friends and neighbors in a heartbeat. It’s a necessity, and the next step in family safety.

Moe M.

Clifton NJ

We had the most pleasant experience with Safer Escape! The people at Safer Escape are really concerned about your safety! They gave us excellent advice about installing quality fire alarms around our home and about setting up a safe meeting place in case of a fire. They made us feel very confident that we were getting a quality fire escape ladder, which indeed was the case. They were friendly and a pleasure to deal with! We highly recommend their products!

Yehudis Munk

Passaic, NJ

I’m so glad I installed this; Safer Escape offers a fantastic product and remarkable customer service. My ladder required an adjustment and they came back asap – happy to fix it – free of charge. I highly recommend Safer Escape!

Marc Lieberman

Clifton, NJ

We highly recommend purchasing a fire escape ladder from Safer Escape. They went above and beyond to make sure that we were comfortable and happy with our purchase. The ladder is top quality and very sturdy. They recommended a color that blends so well with our house, you don’t even notice it’s there. From beginning to end, the Mezei father and son team were a pleasure to deal with.

Faige Erez

Passaic, NJ

I tried out the ladder and it was so easy to open and I felt completely safe climbing down it. I can get from my house with the window closed to the ground in under 30 seconds, and that is that is very important when every second counts. This ladder will save lives and is a must for every homeowner with more than a one story home.

Aaron M.

Monsey, NY

Great product and even better service. Gives you all the safety and peace of mind without the cost and ugliness of a traditional fire escape.

Micah Shotkin

Passaic, NY

Highly recommend for everyone especially a family with kids.
Fires 🔥 are unexpected, being prepared for the worst is a smart and safe approach.
The ladder is a great concept, a very classy looking item with a long life and barely noticable.
The best, smartest, and financially affordable in this industry.

Joey Levy-Chaim

Brooklyn, NY

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