Escape In Under 30 Seconds

When you are faced with a fire emergency, time is of the essence. You don’t want to waste time searching for your throw-out ladder, finding alternative routes, or risk injuring yourself to get out. With a Safer Escape ladder, you can get out of your house and into safety in under 30 seconds. Below are all the steps to follow to ensure you and your family escape safely and efficiently. Contact us today to get a free quote to ensure your family is safe.

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Open Window and Remove Anti-Tamper Pin

When you are presented with a fire emergency, start by making sure your family stays together and head for the window next to your Safer Escape ladder. Open the window and remove the anti-tamper pin so you can deploy your ladder.


Deploy Ladder

Next, deploy your ladder by pulling the outer rail out and down, and make sure it is fully deployed. Then help each family member safely exits the window and are safely on the ladder. If you have small children, you may need to lift them out the window and help them grab onto the ladder. If you have a baby, carry them over your shoulder as you descend the ladder.

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Now that you have safely exited the window, use three points of contact as you descend your ladder to make sure that you don’t fall. No matter what the weather is outside, you won’t have to worry about slipping because our rungs are equipped with an anti-slip coating so you can stay put.

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Take a Head Count

Now that you have descended your ladder, make your way to the sidewalk or across the street and ensure there is enough space for the fire department to gain access to your house. Then take a head count of everyone in your house to make sure no one is left in the house.

Just like that, you and your family have escaped and are at a safe distance from the fire. All that is left to do is call 911 if they have not been called yet and wait for the fire department to show up to take care of the rest. If you are wanting a simple fire escape ladder like this to keep your family safe, contact Safer Escape today to get a free quote and ensure your family’s safety.

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