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Gone are the days of fussing around with a throw-out ladder and finding other escape routes for you and your family. With our fire escape ladders, you can depend on them to always be there and ready to be used at any time. You can’t put a price on your life so contact Safer Escape today for a free quote and provide your family with a dependable escape route in case of a fire.

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One benefit of our retractable fire escape ladders is that they are permanently fixed to your house. The benefit of this is that there is no chance of it being lost or damaged. This gives you peace of mind that when a fire happens, you know that our ladders will always be there for you.

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Our fire escape ladders are fully retractable which gives them a slim and sleek look that does not draw attention. This discreet low profile gives it a “drainpipe-like” appearance that does not compromise the aesthetic appearance of your home. This folding design also means that the rungs are always secure and protected from the elements when not in use.

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Easy To Use

In the face of an emergency, you don’t want to spend unnecessary time fiddling with the product designed to get you out of your house fast. All you have to do with our emergency ladder is remove the anti-tamper release pin and unfold the ladder. It’s that simple so you can focus on getting your family out of the house safely and efficiently.

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Escape From Multiple Floors

Additional release stations can be included in our escape ladders allowing you to access them from multiple floors. This is a perfect solution for any multi-story building.

Don’t waste time messing around with other escape ladders that are flimsy or unreliable. Contact Safer Escape today to get a free quote and get your house permanently protected today.

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