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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

At Safer Escape, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of fire prevention and protection. Our retractable fire escape ladders are designed with your safety in mind. To help you understand our product better, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below.

Is the Safer Escape Fire Safety Ladder burglar proof and how can I rest assured it won’t and can’t be used to break into my home?

The anti-tamper release pin ensures that the ladder cannot be accessed by unauthorized people, and can be fitted at the top or middle of the ladder depending on the individual requirements for access.

Why should I invest in the Safer Escape Fire Safety Ladder if there are more budget friendly options?

The Safer Escape Retractable Fire Escape Ladder gives you peace of mind and protects your loved ones. There is NO faster or efficient way to escape a home fire. Multiple people can escape at the same time. Compared to throw out ladders and other less expensive options, our ladder is more stable, safer, and can be practiced on as part of your home fire escape plan. Additionally, our ladder is sustainable and not an eyesore.

How are Safer Escape fire escape ladders mounted to my home?

Safer Escape fire escape ladders are installed outside for a quick evacuation during emergencies. Follow simple instructions, attach brackets below windows. Identify escape windows, attach brackets, follow weight and spacing guidelines. Regularly check for wear or damage. The aim is a reliable fire escape. Proper installation and maintenance enhance overall home safety during emergencies.

Click here for the INSTALLATION GUIDES.


What are the benefits of having a fire escape ladder?

Investing in a Safer Escape fire escape ladder offers invaluable peace of mind, assuring you that your family’s safety is prioritized in case of an emergency. Our ladders provide a swift and secure means of escape, minimizing risks and potential harm. LEARN MORE.


How is your fire escape ladder different from others?

The Safer Escape fire escape ladder stands apart due to its permanent outdoor mounting, ensuring immediate access when needed most. Built with weather-proof materials, it requires minimal maintenance and offers exceptional stability and ease of use.


How does the Safer Escape ladder work?

Operating the Safer Escape fire escape ladder is straightforward and quick. By opening your window, pulling out the release pin, and unfolding the ladder, you can swiftly create a reliable escape route, ensuring a rapid exit from your home.


Can children safely use the fire escape ladder? 

Yes, our fire escape ladders are designed to be user-friendly for children who can safely operate ladders in the event of an emergency.


How else can I protect my family from fires?

To ensure optimal fire prevention and protection, we highly recommend installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Regularly test these detectors and replace the batteries at least once a year to maintain their functionality. Additionally, we strongly advise establishing a comprehensive and well-practiced safe escape plan that every family member understands, ensuring a prompt and organized response in case of an emergency.


Is your fire escape ladder burglar-proof?

Yes, the only way to open the ladder is to use the release pin, which is located on an upper floor and strategically positioned on an upper floor, effectively preventing unauthorized access from the ground.


My home has more than two floors. Can I use it on any floor?

Yes, our ladder can be used on more than one floor. We can customize your ladder with multiple release pins to suit your specific needs.


Escape Ladder

What types of fire escape ladders are available?

Fire escape ladders come in various types, including permanent ladders and portable throw-out ladders. Permanent ladders are fixed to the building structure and provide a reliable escape route. Portable throw-out ladders, like those from, are compact and designed for single-use during emergencies.


How do I install a fire escape ladder in my home?

Permanent fire escape ladders are typically installed by professionals or competent do it yourselfers. Portable throw-out ladders are stored indoors, as close to the window as possible, and come with instructions for homeowners.


Are fire escape ladders suitable for all window types?

The Safer Escape ladder is designed to mount outside the home near the window, as long as you can exit the window safely, the ladder will work. Most throw out  fire escape ladders are designed to fit standard window sizes. Before purchasing, measure your windows to ensure compatibility. Not all throw outs will fit every sill. 


What is the weight limit for fire escape ladders?

Weight limits vary, but most fire escape ladders can support 300 to 1,000 pounds. The Safer Escape ladder has been tested to support 1,000-2,000 pounds.  


Do fire escape ladders require maintenance?

The Safer Escape ladder requires no maintenance other than opening and closing a few times a year. Portable throw-out ladders are typically maintenance-free, but are one time use, and therefore cannot be used to practice a fire escape plan.


Are there different lengths of fire escape ladders available?

Yes, fire escape ladders come in different lengths to accommodate various building heights. The Safer Escape ladder is modular and can be custom designed to fit your home.


Can I reuse a fire escape ladder after deploying it in an emergency?

Permanent ladders are designed for multiple uses, making them perfect for practicing a family fire escape plan. Portable throw-out ladders are usually for one-time use, and cannot be practiced with.


What are the best practices for testing a fire escape ladder?

Periodically inspect your ladder for damage or wear. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for testing and practicing with your ladder. Practice the escape frequently with your family. 


Are there any legal requirements for fire escape ladders in residential properties?

Check local building codes and regulations to determine if fire escape ladders are required and approved for your residence. 


What is the difference between permanent and portable fire escape ladders?

Permanent ladders are fixed and reliable, and can be used to practice family fire plans, while portable ladders, are lower priced, but are to be deployed only for emergency use, are less stable, and more difficult to climb, especially for children and seniors.


Have further questions?

Feel free to explore our comprehensive FAQ video available on this page for further information. If you have any further inquiries or require personalized assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team. Contact us!

Take a step towards enhancing your home’s safety today. Explore our retractable fire escape ladder options and ensure the well-being of your loved ones. Contact us now for any inquiries or to make a purchase. Invest in fire prevention and protection with Safer Escape.

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