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The Safer Escape ladder by Modum offers a quick, safe and secure solution to potential fire emergencies versus the flimsy, nearly impossible to use under duress, and ubiquitous throw out ladder.  Its intuitive design allows anyone to quickly and efficiently escape in case of an emergency, providing peace of mind for all family members, young and old. With durable materials and a reliable build, Modum’s ladder ensures a secure descent from heights, making it a dependable choice for home safety. Safer Escape installs permanently, and is ready in a heartbeat; remove pin, extend, & descend.

Here’s why it beats the unstable competition:
Speed: Imagine a fire raging. Throw out ladders take precious seconds to locate uncoil and aim, potentially costing lives. Safer Escape deploys in one swift motion, getting you and your loved ones out in under 30 seconds. Every second counts!
Ease of Use: Forget the struggle of heaving and tossing a ladder out the window. Safer Escape is permanently mounted, ready to use with a simple pull. Even children and seniors can operate it safely. No throwing, no acrobatics, just calm escape.
Multiple Escapes: Safer Escape is your reusable guardian angel. Its sturdy construction supports multiple descents from multiple stories, ensuring everyone gets out safely, even in chaotic situations.
Practice Your Escape: Throw out ladders are one-time-use products. Safer Escape ladder allows you to practice your family escape plan until you get it right, speedily and efficiently.
Peace of Mind: Knowing your family has a reliable escape route is priceless. Safer Escape offers 24/7 protection, eliminating the “what if” worry and giving you the confidence to sleep soundly.
Discreet: Safer Escape tucks neatly against your house like a drainpipe, preserving your home’s aesthetics. It’s a permanent fixture, always there when you need it most,

Invest in real safety, not throw out luck. Choose Safer Escape and give your family the gift of a quick, calm escape in any emergency.

Don’t wait for a fire to test your escape plan. Make the smart choice today and let Safer Escape be your family’s silent guardian.

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Safer Escape Ladder (2 Story) (Up to 19.5 Ft)
Safer Escape Ladders (Modum)
Reg $2,499 – SALE! Now $1,249



Safer Escape Ladder (3 Story) (Up to 29.5 Ft)
Safer Escape Home Fire Safety Ladder
Reg $3,499 – SALE! Now $2,799


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